About Us

-Info About Our Club & 4-H

-Our club has meetings the first Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. Unless that Monday falls on a holiday — then it would be the 2nd Monday. The meetings are always at the Almena United Methodist Church.

If Mattawan schools are closed due to weather then we would cancel our meeting also.

Our club has 2 key leaders; they are:

Lori Alexander  269-217-0072 lalex2251@aol.com

Carisa Hostetler 377-9998 chostetler@barcodemail.com


Club Dues are $5 per child.

4-H Participation Fee:  $20 per child with a $60 max per family. This fee covers the administrator costs of the 4-H program and half of the money raised stays in our county. The participation fee goes to MSU ext. office have stays in the county have goes to MSU.

4-H is for children ages 5–19 . Your 4-H age and Fair age is what ever age you are as of Jan 1st of the fair year.

Any member with the age of 5–8 is considered a cloverbud. They can participate in the club but don’t have voting rights. So they can’t raise their hands when we vote on things. We do have special crafts and things they can do.

There are many terms that you will hear in our meetings — they are:

The Leaders Association — This is a group of leaders who promote the 4-H program and provide scholarships. They meet once a month on the 3rd Monday at 7:00 pm. Anyone can attend these meetings.

SMAC (Small Market Animal Committee) — They oversee showing small animals at the fair (Rabbits, Cavies & Lab Animals, Poultry & Goats) and oversee the auction. They meet once a month on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Anyone who shows a small animal is a member of this committee.

Fair Board — They run the fair. They also meet the 1st Monday of the month @ 7pm

Horse Council — oversee the horse shows at the fair and the horse program. They meet every 1st Wednesday of the month.

Large Livestock Committee (LLC)– meets once a month on the 3 Thursday.  This committee makes rules for the livestock group.

You don’t have to attend any of the 4 associations/committees mentioned above but you may if you wish. Most of them are held at the fair grounds in the summer and the Lawrence Conference Center during the other months of the year.

Our club does not require any family to participate in our club fundraisers but it is highly recommended to participate in at least one fundraiser. We usually do a pasta fundraiser, a candy fundraiser and have a rummage sale. However, the Leaders Association (mentioned above) requires every family to participate in their annual auction by getting a donation of at least $20 (either tangible or monetary) for them to auction off. Their auction is the first Saturday of March  or provide a $20 cash donation.

Our club has several committees — they will be mentioned at the 4-H meetings. If you would like to join the committees, just sign your name to the form. They are things like …. Halloween parties, club floats in parades, etc. We always appreciate all those who help! If every family joined 1 committee that would be great!

We also have project days in the winter months — these days are held once a month and we offer several small crafts for you or your child to work on. Please remember that most of the crafts you make thru the year can be shown at fair, so please put them in a safe place.

Many of our animal leaders don’t have meetings until after first of the year or until it gets warm out so please don’t be alarmed if they don’t start meeting until then.  You will need to contact the leaders and let them know you are interested in the project.

Fair is usually the 3rd week in July. Still Exhibits are shown the first day of fair and animal shows are thru the week. Many exhibitors camp at the fair. Camping spots fill up quickly so please reserve your spot as soon as possible.

The kids and parents in our club say, “fair is the best time of the year.” It’s a great experience and it teaches so many life skills. Our club has a great time together and we all work as a team. We want to make many great memories for your family.

If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to contact the key leaders at any time. We are always open for suggestions.

Van Buren County 4-H Club