Cavies (Guinea Pigs)

Project Leader: Stephanie Fuller
Teen Leader:

What You’ll Need to Participate
a cavy

What We Do
We hold 2 to 3 meetings in the spring to get ready for Fair. We’ll go over basic cavy care, show preparation, showmanship steps, questions the judge might ask, and provide you with some tips and suggestions.

Approximate Costs
The only costs for this project are purchasing and caring for a guinea pig and appropriate clothing for Fair.

What You’ll Need for Fair

  • your cavy
  • a water bottle
  • bedding
  • food and a food dish
  • a white, long-sleeved shirt
  • black pants

TIP: if it’s really hot at Fair (it usually is!) you might want to keep a frozen water bottle in the cage to help keep your guinea pig cool

Van Buren County 4-H Club